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PRIVACY: Some people are very concerned about privacy, both during the session, and in terms of who will have access to your images. Others will be excited about the possibility of having their images displayed on my site, blog, or gallery pages. The only people allowed on the set during the shoot are people you choose. Besides you, there is rarely more than a female assistant, myself, and a friend of your’s present during our sessions.

Another privacy concern involves who has access to the actual images. I will NOT publicly display any image of you without your written permission. All of the images that appear on my website and blog appear only because the individuals have signed a formal release allowing such use.

I also keep working and backup copies of all sessions in case you lose your copies, or wish to order more images from your session. If you request to view your image proofs on-line, you should know that I take every precaution to protect your images from public view and a password protected gallery is provided.